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Lucoro is a UK manufacturer of pipe CCTV survey equipment.

We sell our systems direct, and provide a fast maintenence service.

Established and trusted for over a decade by DSPs and major hire companies.

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Pipe Cobra

120 metre Cobra

The 9mm diameter push-rod on this Cobra makes easy work of long pipe distances. The lightweight frame and tough wheels make manoeuvrability easy and the electrical circuits use slip-ring technology. Recommended for 6" to 24" pipe diameters.


Display Pipe Camera Systems


This easy to carry lightweight display features a TFT LCD screen which is daylight-readable filtering, with hyper-bright LED backlighting, plus anti-reflective protective glass overlay. It also powers the Cobra and cameras.


Portable Power Source

Portable Power

No 110V supply? Don't want to use a generator? The tough, lightweight RPS02 Rechargeable Power Source is the answer. It powers the entire camera system, yet stores enough power to last for several pipe surveys between charges.


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