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Used daily by professionals and hire companies, our CCTV pipe survey systems, are rugged and reliable.

Our systems are based around the ToughDISPLAY(TM), a modern flat-screen display monitor which uses custom enhanced filtering and backlighting for use in daylight. Designed and launched by Lucoro back in 2013, the ToughDISPLAY(TM) features a rugged, lightweight portable case.

Two options of push-rod are available; the S80 has 7.4mm diameter push rod with a suitable bend radius for 6 to 8 inch diameter pipes. The S120 system has 120 metres of 9mm diameter push rod, suitable for 8 to 24 inch pipe sizes. Click here for our product compatibility matrix.

Both systems are supplied as standard with our Midi 35mm (inch and a half) diameter camera head and our Maxi 48mm (two inch) camera head. The latter has a self-levelling image feature, correcting the image orientation inside the pipe, for easy recognition of pipe internals.

Option extras include our Mini camera head which fits through inch-and-a-quarter drill holes (a new Vertical Camera Entry Launch Head is available to suit) and the standard Launch Head.

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Cobras - We sell and repair Cobras


Specifically designed for CCTV systems, these Cobras are loaded with push rod which has internal wires for camera circuits. Made from GRP fibreglass, breaking strains exceed 40kN.

The addition of ‘slip-ring’ technology keeps power and video signals permanently connected while the axle revolves through 360 degrees. A pluggable connection is provided using a latching 4-way connector.

The trolley frame is made from rugged galvanised metal tubing and features two specially designed wheels which have exceptional durability.

Supplied with a sprung connection assembly for cameras, this Coiler is tried and trusted by professionals around the world.

Standard Cobras are also available with cable-pulling ends. These can also be supplied with trace wires for Sondes, if needed.

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Portable Outdoor CCTV Monitor Display


Our ToughDISPLAY(TM) is a lightweight and compact supply display system incorporating the latest flat-panel LCD screen technology.

Upgraded LED backlighting, transflective technology, plus extra glass filtering makes this monitor ideal for use outside in daylight. Designed and launched by Lucoro back in 2013, the ToughDISPLAY(TM) features a rugged, lightweight portable case.

The ToughDISPLAY-Plus(TM) has an SD card recording option fitted, plus a text overlay generator, so that footage can be saved with user text. A QWERTY keyboard is supplied.

The display is supplied with an AC Adaptor which enables 110V or 240V operation, and option 12V vehicle supply accessory leads or battery power sources are available.

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Pipe Camera 48mm Diameter

Camera Head Maxi V4 (2 inch, 50mm Diameter)

Suitable for larger pipes in the 6 to 24 inch diameter range.

Our latest Maxi camera is our best yet, with aerospace grade aluminium, and a toughened sapphire glass, its built to withstand the rigours of daily pipe surveying.

Automatic levelling of the image is achieved thanks to a 360-degree counterbalanced image sensor assembly. This ensures that the picture is always in the correct orientation, no matter which way the camera rolls along the pipe - making the location and position of internal facet immediately identifiable.

LED illumination is optimised by new circuitry which also increases the life of each LED light source. This, together with the latest clear definition CMOS image sensor, means the MAXI V4 ideal for professional use.

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Pipe Camera 35mm diameter

Camera Head Midi V3 (1½ inch, 38mm Diameter)

Suitable for smaller pipes in the 4 to 24 inch diameter range.

Our latest fourth generation Midi camera is our best yet, and is the result of listening to our customers, who use our products on a daily basis.

This model features extra fixings to prevent the accidental opening of the body when threading it onto the Cobra connector. It also has both the lens and light source behind a protected by a single sapphire glass. This makes it easier to wipe clean during use, keeping the picture sharp and the lighting bright.

LED illumination is optimised by new circuitry which also increases the life of each LED light source. This, together with its stainless steel construction and sharp image sensor, makes the Midi V3 a clear winner.

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Pipe Camera Head

Camera Head Mini V2 (1¼ inch, 31mm Diameter)

Suitable for pipes where only 1¼ inch drillings are permitted.

Our new Mini camera is built for reliability and superior performance.

It uses the very latest SMT LED technology for high brightness illumination within the pipe and micro image sensor circuitry which gives impressive definition. These, together with carefully specified lens technology and close focussing , ensure a detailed view of the inside of small pipes.

Made from durable stainless-steel, our Mini camera can withstand the rigours of daily pipe surveys and the easy to clean toughened sapphire glass minimises scratches through wear.

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Portable Rechargeable Power Source

Rechargeable Power Source

The RPS02 Rechargeable Power Source is a powerful, yet lightweight and compact supply for our CCTV pipe survey systems.

It can eliminate the need for noisy, cumbersome generators, giving a cleaner and safer on-site power solution. Plus, the power is 'smoother' than an Inverter or Generator (which generate 'rough' power with 'spikes'), so it's ideal for sensitive electronic equipment like Cameras and Displays.

A mains powered fast-charger is available, and an optional lead is available for 12V vehicle charging.

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Launch Head Seal

 Replacement Seals

Replacement seals for Camera Launch Heads in a handy consumables pack. Cut foams are included as well as split rubber washers.

Plastic discs are available separately, upon request, supplied as four half discs (making a complete top and bottom seal).

Replace these seals regularly to ensure a perfect seal on Camera Launch heads. Not necessary for end-launch or drainage camera use.

Pipe Camera System Interconnecting Lead

Interconnect Cable

Replacement video leads for our S80 and S120 pipe camera survey systems.

With a generous 5 metre length, these leads can be supplied with out latest 680-series type connectors or our legacy Buccaneer type connectors (please enquire).

These are custom interconnect leads made using tough cable and connectors with integral strain relief. They are also fitted with ferrite clamps for EMC compatibility with our video system.

AC Adaptor for S80 and S120 Pipe Inspection Systems

110V Adaptor

Replacement AC adaptors for powering our S80 and S120 pipe camera survey systems.

These custom in-line power supplies are available with our latest 680-series type connectors or our legacy Buccaneer type connectors (please enquire).

These efficient adaptors use switch-mode technology to save energy over traditional transformer supplies and adjust automatically to operate on 110V site supplies or 240V AC domestic supplies.

110V Plug to C13 Mains Connector

110V Power Lead

Replacement 110V Power Lead.

Fitted with an industry standard 100V plug, this lead can be used with site transformers or generators.

High quality components and cable are used, with cable stain reliefs and mouldings to withstand daily site use.

Live Gas Launch Head Entry Insertion WASK

Launch Head

Camera Insertion Launch Head.

The industry standard accredited launch system for CCTV cameras. Fits WASK base. Supplied with rubber and foam seal for single use (we recommend ordering more - see our Replacement Seals above).

Supplied with a certificate.

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